Our current portfolio comprises a range of developments across all property sectors.  We specialise in residential property & Commercial buildings.  We strive to develop properties and investments of the highest quality and for the institutional markets.

With the ability to turn rural locations into afforable liveable areas, our property developer team, creates land developments to suit the needs of our customers

Using a cutting-edge environmental approach keeps our costs to a minimum, ensuring the property development is on-budget and affordable for every party in the process – from builders and developers to the final resident.

We are happy to work in partnership and within joint ventures and have a proven track record of establishing excellent relationships in these areas.


We are specializing in furniture fittings and decorative hardware accessories.

Today, our product range spans, Drawer Slides, Hinges, Computer Furniture Fittings, Joinery Fittings, Wardrobe Fittings, Furniture Locks, Kitchen Systems and Accessories, Window and Door Fittings, Architectural Fittings, LED Lights and more

Our strengths include a range of core competencies in manufacturing, an ever widening product range, stringent quality standards, affordable prices and a national distributor network.

Our goal is “Perpetual Innovation” and the product is managed by the concept of quality assurance. We will look towards to a new orientation and a new beginning with you to create the brilliant and contribute to the development of the furniture fittings sector.

With the belief of “Quality and Creativity”, we sincerely expect your visit and corporate with you.